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Sophia, founder of Plant Environment, has extensive qualifications in Horticulture and over the last 20 years, she has created a community of people united by their love for Nature by providing spaces that everyone, including over 10 schools in London, their families and wider communities can come and feel connected to Nature. Thus, feeling empowered to take food growing back into our own hands and gaining appreciation for the Earth that we live on.  

About us

With the vision that all children should have the opportunity to grow up connected with nature and learn through being outside in our natural environment; observing and caring for wildlife, sowing seeds, nurturing plants and watching them grow, eating the roots, leaves and fruits of the edible plants and understanding the importance of the rest, Plant Environment began.


Engaging young people in outdoor learning experiences since 2004, Plant Environment continues to provide regular and ongoing Environmental Education Projects in schools where all children are able to go outside, interact with and learn about nature in a positive, productive and hands-on way.    


Azyba, has been working with Plant Environment for over 10 years. At first a Volunteer, then Environmental Tutor.

She also manages the social media and website content.

Azeska, Environmental Educator, specialises in Artistic, practices in the garden. By combining her creativity with nature she engages participants to help create beautiful spaces.

Louis began his training over 5 years ago and is now a Environmental Tutor and manages the landscape gardening and structural maintenance of the projects.

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